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    Redox is a software for insurance brokerage companies, especially in a complex network for calculating incentives.
    It integrates your rules in a flexible and comprehensive system which is very intuitive and scalable.
    Redox is a windows .exe, but data are stored on our servers. So you can work from anywhere with an internet connexion.

    -Partners (Insurers)


    -Insurance products & covers directory from partners


    -Agent network/proposal
    -Covers state


    -Automatic incentives calculation into agents complex network


    -Auto process
    -Salary rules
    -Salary fees


    -Auto generation entries
    -Manual entries
    -Real time balance


    -Document management
    -Events tracking
    -Searching tools


    -Flexible views
    -Real time reports


    -All devices WebApp
    -Clients & covers state

  • Main Features

           An insurance contract is assigned to a client. The covers will be added at each signed proposal from an agent. The number of proposals per contracts is unlimited. The number of covers per proposal also.

    Operations on covers allow to insert incentives, breach, comments and others complex actions. Finally, a cover can be denied, pending (no operation), activated, activated but will not be paid, desactivated and broken.

    Each operation generates incentives and reserves on agents, and automatically inserts entries in the T-accounting system.

    Each agent have an "upline agent" and a level of incentive. Without an upline, he is at the summit of his network. When Redox retributes an agent, it will pay from the bottom to the top all the network, giving the difference. Redox can also include an indicator at the bottom who is not in this network.

    Each incentive from partner enters automatically in the T-accounting, including reserves from partners and reserves on each agents.

    Agent's levels of incentive can be changed manually or by an algorithm according to your rules.

    In case of breach of contract, you have to just indicate to Redox which incentive is concerned. This one will take out automaticaly and proportionally amounts of agent accounts.

    For example, Mr John has signed a contract and the insurer pays $1,000.00.
    Assuming a partner's reserve of 10% and at least 20% net income for the broker.
    We can see below exactly how the retribution is done:

    All percents (reserves, part for own company, ...) are totally parameterizable, for each partner, product and agent.

    Redox manages fixed and incentive salaries, based on agent pending accounts, with rules about minimum fixed salary.

    When you want, you can launch a salary process and Redox will automatically prepare all salaries. You can apply changes before confirmation.

    Redox calculates automatically salary fees and parts employer/employee.

    Salary fees are parameterizable with non-linear algorithms with agent variables (age,sex,...). This is useful especially when the calculation is complex (Swiss LPP, Singapore CPF, ...).

    Payment order can be sent to bank with a DTA file.

    Obviously, all processes are entered in the T-accounting automatically.

    Any time, you can see accounts balance between two dates. Almost all operations are automatic, however you can do it manualy.

    Redox executes 99% of fiduciary processes.

    Furthermore, you can break down each account to see exactly the balances per person (partners, agents, ...), as you can see below.

    RedoxWebApp lets you view all your clients, their informations (mobile phone, address, ...),
    their contracts and cover state.

    For the agents, the WebApp limits the view to their portfolio.

    RedoxWebApp works with all devices.

    Redox lets you save time. Thanks to automatic incentives and T-accounting processes, it calculates all for you. Redox is constantly evolving with frequent updates. In the heart of the system, Oracle Database is the guarantor of the integrity of your data.

    Redox licence is a simple monthly billing, who includes free standard support and upgrades. Your data are on our servers, you can work anywhere.

    Redox have much more to offer, such as managing your insurance products, documents management and scanning, tracking customers, research tools and flexible reporting.

    Contact us for a free evaluation and presentation.
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